Daystate Alpha Wolf .177 Blue Laminate Special Edition 23in Barrel


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Airgun shooters who want to stand out from the crowd already know the Alpha Wolf, the world’s most advanced air rifle, offers unrivalled performance. But for those who really want to be noticed on the range and competition circuit, Daystate has launched the Alpha Wolf Blue Edition.

Though not limited in terms of number of rifles, the Blue Edition will only be available for a limited period. In addition to the striking blue and grey laminate stock and metal work, the Alpha Wolf Blue Edition has a specially designed cocking handle and comes with a blue 0db silencer, hard case with a Special Edition plaque.

Also included is a Data Transfer Device (DTD) and cable so the rifle’s software can be upgraded with free updates and to enable backups and custom programming via a Windows PC or laptop.

The new Daystate Alpha Wolf is the latest and greatest in world-leading, user-programmable, electronic air rifles. While still complementing its Delta Wolf bullpup sibling, Alpha Wolf’s individuality is immediately obvious courtesy of a beautifully sculpted, red laminate skeleton stock with extended forend lip and new-look Picatinny optic rail – still movable fore-and-aft to cater for any day and NV scope configuration – that is fitted with an anti-cant bubble. This top-of-the-line product from Daystate LTD features an on-board chronograph, quick-and-easy barrel changes, and touch-screen programming for electronic air regulation. The double-magazine system is a real game changer, allowing you to shoot twice as much without having to reload. The A.R.T barrel is extremely accurate and the adjustable cheek and butt pad make it comfortable to shoot for extended periods of time. The carbon-fiber 480cc bottle makes this rifle lightweight and easy to carry in the field and the fully-adjustable trigger and blade complete the package, making the Daystate Alpha Wolf the most advanced and customizable air rifles on the market today.

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.177 Caliber, .22 Caliber, .25 Caliber


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