EDgun | Leshiy 2 Air tank | 350CC / 300 bar carbon fiber



EDgun Leshiy 2 Air tank – 350CC / 300 bar carbon fiber

In order to extend your shooting between refills, a bigger bottle is always the first thing you should consider. This 350CC carbon fiber bottle allows you to enjoy longer your sustained shooting with the Leshiy 2. 190mm long and 65mm in diameter, the bottle is not as large as to bother the shooter as well, keeping your whole kit backpack friendly!

Perfect design for Leshiy 2. With this 350cc bottle, the Leshiy 2 gains 260cc of additional air volume.

Installing the bottle onto the Leshiy 2
  1. Degas gun – locate the bleed screw on the right side of the valve assembly
    •  only crack the bleed; there is a detent ball under the grub screw
    • after 100% of the air is drained, tighten the screw – do not over tighten
  2.  Remove auxiliary air tank arm brace – 4mm hex wrench
  3. place fill probe into the fill port – this keeps the fill assembly from spinning
  4.  Unscrew the auxiliary air tube
  5. Unscrew air tube coupling – find the flat spots of the coupling and use a wrench
  6.  ensure there is an O-ring at the bottom of the male M18 threads (18X2.5 buna 70)
  7. Thread on the new bottle hand tight
  8. Fill Leshiy 2 -check for leaks


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