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The Weihrauch HW40 PCA is a single stroke pneumatic air pistol. This means it develops its power by a single compression of the built-in pump. Once pressurized and loaded, the HW40 delivers a single shot with precision accuracy and zero recoil. Designed with a polymer frame, the HW40 has an ambidextrous grip with finger grooves and contours to match your hand. The HW40 includes a 2-stage match trigger and automatic safety catch. The muzzle contains a flip-compensator designed to vent the extra air in a manner which prevents the muzzle from lifting upwards when fired. To top off the pistol, Weihrauch includes the Tru-Glo fiber optic sighting system with the HW40 for fast and precise target acquisition. The HW40 PCA is an good all-around training pistol for target shooting, plinking and even pest control at closer distances.

Air guns are a very broad category that features a huge variety of guns for you to choose from. There are many different combinations of price, category and calibre air gun on offer, which are suited to basic hunting, target practice, and even extreme sports. Pistols, rifles and airsoft guns are the main options in this category, but then there are big choices in terms of ammunition calibre too – with 8 different categories depending on the purpose of your purchase. We’ve got over 6000 air guns on our site, so take some time, narrow down your search and pick your perfect model. Weihrauch is a German manufacturer of high performance, precision air guns and rifles. Weihrauch has been producing the world’s finest target and sporting arms since 1750. For generations, it has been their goal to produce products that are engineered and manufactured with the latest in sporting arms technology combined with perfection and innovation. They live up to their motto: “Successful shooting – made by Weihrauch”.


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